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Imo Guber Result Will Have Nationwide Impact – Ejiogu

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Imo State‘s stakeholders have been implored to commit to ensuring that the November 11th governorship election is devoid of violence and is deemed credible.

INEC, along with security agencies, media outlets, voters, and the collective population of Imo State, has been advised to be vigilant and not yield to any influences that might undermine the integrity of the forthcoming election.

Sir Tony Ejiogu, the gubernatorial hopeful from the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA), made this appeal during his campaign tour to Obube community in Owerri North council last weekend.

He stated that the forthcoming election’s result would be a critical factor in shaping the state’s future, its viability, and its broader ramifications for the nation.

He pledged that, if elected, his government would operate inclusively and prioritize policies and initiatives aimed at ensuring the comprehensive development of the state.

In his address, the APGA candidate pressed Obube’s residents, especially their leaders, to take an active role in the forthcoming election, with a promise that their votes would be influential.

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He said, ‘the discussion to create Imo started in this community (Ngwoma), the late traditional ruler, Eze A.I Onukogu was the Chairman of that Committee, he played a vital role in the creation of Imo State.’

‘I thought it wise to come back to here and pay homage to you, the founding fathers of our state and as well seek the land’s blessings in my determination to rebuild Imo state for developmental strides’.

‘The present Imo is not what the founding fathers had hoped for, hence my desire to right the wrongs.’

‘There is a wind of change blowing across this nation. Our people are desirous to sign a new social contract, hence everybody should be bold enough to come out on November 11th to vote and secure their votes.’

‘I equally call on our security agencies to ensure the safety of all, we want to bring about good governance,’ he added.

The community leaders, in their reply, voiced their faith in Ejiogu’s capability to deliver excellent governance if he secures the election, commending his bravery for entering the political race.

Chief Samuel Akujiuobi, speaking for the community, emphasised that they have endured a lack of government engagement and have faced ongoing socioeconomic difficulties.

He said, ‘our community has suffered gross neglect by the government, evidenced by the lack of any meaningful public infrastructure in our entire community, despite our strategic and historic significance.’

‘We are praying for you to succeed because we know you mean well for our people. We need a progressive-minded leader like you as governor who will create an enabling environment for business to thrive and for the state to prosper.’

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