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Ebonyi Reservoir Road Reconstruction Begins 27 Years Later

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Reconstruction work has officially begun on the dilapidated Water Works road in Ebonyi State, which serves as a vital access point to the State’s water Reservoir, responsible for supplying water to Abakaliki, the capital.

For several years, the road has been left in wreckage due to the inaction of previous state administrations.

Engr. Stanley Lebechi Mbam, who serves as the State Commissioner for Works and Transport, announced this during his on-site progress inspection.

According to the Commissioner, the reconstruction efforts are geared towards facilitating reservoir maintenance, ultimately ensuring the delivery of safe drinking water to the state’s citizens.

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According to him, ‘Governor Nwifuru’s led administration would not stop fulfilling his campaign manifesto of people’s charter of needs, the road would serve the residents of the communities across the street’

‘The maintenance of the road clearing of the waterworks road has commenced, once we reconstruct this road, the reservoir which is meant to supply water to the people of Ebonyi State is located inside.’

‘We are picking the design of the road and the surveyors are working and the total kilometre of the road will be made known as soon as the clearing is over.’

‘This road was completely abandoned, the governor visited here and today work has commenced and within a short period of time the low lift will be done.’

‘I can confidently tell you that work has started at low lift Because of the bushy nature of the road’ he stated.

Engr. Mbam stated that the People’s Charter of Needs is aimed at fulfilling the present and future necessities of the people of Ebonyi.

As a point of recall, the low-lift Juju Hill reservoir was equipped to receive water from both the Ezillo water treatment plant and the low-lift pumping station.

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