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Ebonyi Youth Leader Speaks Out Against Cultism, Poverty

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The leader of Oriuzor Youths Vanguard for Good Governance at the national level has appealed to traditional, political, and religious leaders to envision a path toward liberating the community from the clutches of poverty, illiteracy, and the menace of cultism.

Igiri Innocent, in a statement to reporters, expressed concern about the escalating issues of cultism, mismanagement, lack of education, and poverty plaguing the Oriuzor community in Ezza North Local Government Area of Ebonyi State.

He stressed the urgency for leaders in the locality to come together and embark on efforts to bring back the prosperity that the community once enjoyed.

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He said, ‘Oriuzor in Ezza North is my home. And no place like home. My home needs serious intervention. That community has been bedevilled by so many factors ranging from cultism to illiteracy and poverty, which is mostly attributed to the kind of leaders that have been in charge of the people’s affairs.’

‘Everything in Oriuzor revolves around some few certain ancient non-adventurous families or persons who are good people but need a total thinking faculty change.’

‘Oriuzor is a special community in the heart of Ezza Ezekuna and need not be lagging in community progress and development index as expected of such a community in the 21st century.’

‘Community of same equality in other parts of the State and country are busy embracing smart tech, AI, and other serious inventions of the time. Is our own different? Who did we offend? Where are we not getting it right?’

‘I want to encourage our traditional rulers, political and religious leaders in Oriuzor as a whole to do more to bring Oriuzor to the shining spot of the State of Ebonyi,’ he said.

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