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Lawmakers Push For Ogbaru Road Repairs By Works Ministry

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The House of Representatives has tasked the Federal Ministry of Works and the House Committee on Appropriation with ensuring that the Onitsha-Atani-Ossomalla-Ogwuikpele-Ndoni Road project in Ogbaru Local Government Area, Anambra state, is included in the 2024 budget estimates.

At the House’s plenary session on Wednesday, October 4, 2023, a directive was issued in response to a motion introduced by Hon. Afam Victor Ogene, the representative of Ogbaru Federal Constituency.

The motion drew the House’s focus to the challenges experienced by the local populace because of the poorly maintained road connecting the local government with the state.

In a concurrent decision, the House has mandated the Federal Roads Maintenance Agency (FERMA) to swiftly introduce interim palliative measures on the road, aiming to enhance transportation accessibility.

Hon. Oghene Egoh brought forward a motion that subsequently shaped the House’s resolutions.

Hon. Oghene pointed out that the extensively flood-affected Ogbaru road is, in fact, the quickest route to access Rivers State from Anambra.

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The motion read in parts: (The House) ‘Notes that the Onitsha-Atani-Ossomalla-Ogwuikpele-Ndoni Road, is the only road that connects the 15 communities in Ogbaru Local Government Area/Federal Constituency of Anambra state to the rest of the state, and is the shortest route to Rivers State from Anambra.’

‘Concerned that the road is in deplorable condition, making commuting a grueling experience, which is made worse by the yearly flood disaster in the area.’

‘Also concerned that the people in Ogbaru Local Government Area/Federal Constituency, who are predominantly farmers, find it extremely difficult to transport their produce to different markets via the dilapidated road, thus impacting their contribution to the nation’s food security.’

Furthermore, it called upon the Federal Ministry of Works and the House Appropriation Committee to ensure the incorporation of the Onitsha-Atani-Ossomalla-Ogwuikpele-Ndoni Road Project in the 2024 budget projections.

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