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Governor Otti Declares End To Era Of Sharing Abia Funds

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Abia state’s governor, Alex Otti, has unequivocally stated that Abia’s money will no longer be channelled towards a few individuals; instead, it will be directed towards the state’s development.

During a press interaction in Umuahia, the Governor affirmed his commitment to preventing the misuse of state resources and ensuring their effective utilisation.

‘Gone are the days when Abia money is shared. If you are close to those who believe that Government money should be shared, they will have a different story to tell now.’

‘We have continued to make the necessary changes, and we want people to see things differently. We insist that things must be done differently.’

Governor Otti reiterated his campaign promise never to misuse his security vote but to deploy it to the governance of the state.

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‘Using security votes for other purposes other than working for Abia people will not be allowed in my Government’.

In his statement, the Governor underscored that the significant developments in the state stand as a testament to his careful utilisation of public resources.

‘We will continue to do the right things, deploying the resources of Abia to work for Abia people’, he said.

The Governor, Alex Otti, provided insight that the contract for the total rehabilitation of Port Harcourt Road in Aba, which has been deteriorating for an extended period, will be awarded in the near future.

Otti, who had enlisted road construction heavyweight Julius Berger for a pre-inauguration assessment of the road, has shared that the design phase for this strategically important road is nearly completed.

‘Port Harcourt Road Aba has not been forgotten. It requires a lot of design, and we are at the design stage. We have done virtually everything about the road.’

‘In the next few weeks you will see what will happen to Port Harcourt Road Aba’.

After inaugurating three roads in Aba, the Governor announced that there are presently 11 road construction projects underway in the city, with three of them nearing completion and ready for inauguration.

‘We have already delivered three roads in Aba, and another three – Green Avenue, Umuimo and Old Express Road are ready for inauguration.’

Highlighting his administration’s comprehensive approach, Governor Otti noted that as road projects progressed in Aba, they were also prioritising the enhancement of Umuahia, the state capital. Hence, they have initiated the construction of the six-lane Ossah Road to give the capital city a more dignified ambience.

‘While Aba is a priority, Umuahia is the state capital. We are not doing Umuahia roads at the expense of Aba roads, we are giving attention to both cities simultaneously.’

When questioned about the opposition’s allegations of sizeable revenue sums received by his administration, Gov. Otti asserted that he would stay focused and not be deterred by such claims.

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