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Imo Unveils LEES Program, Calls For FG Skill Upscaling

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Imo State‘s government unveiled the Literacy through Economic Empowerment Strategy (LEES) yesterday, a program aimed at providing adults who faced barriers to education with the tools they need for self-sustenance.

Urgent appeals are being made to the Federal Government to enhance and perpetuate its skills acquisition program administered through the National Commission for Mass Literacy, Adult, and Non-Formal Education (NMEC).

Governor Hope Uzodimma, represented by Commissioner for Education Prof. JohnCliff Nwadike, underscored the necessity of broadening access to these opportunities during the ceremony in Owerri. This, he argued, would enable more Nigerians to harness essential skills for economic empowerment, thus deterring involvement in criminal behaviour.

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At the event, Rose Alugbero, on behalf of Prof. Simon Akpoma Imor, the Executive Secretary of the Commission, underscored that the Federal Government, under President Bola Tinubu’s leadership, is resolute in its mission to promote self-employment and skills acquisition as a pathway to deter individuals from street life.

Meanwhile, Uzodimma has voiced the belief that cohesion, a shared vision, unity, cooperation, and strategic economic growth will be the driving forces behind development in the South East. He also called for the establishment of the South East Economic Development Fund.

At the occasion of the South East Security and Economic Summit, yesterday, attended by dignitaries from the region, to map out a development and peace plan in the region; the governor hammered on the importance of security.

The governor said that Igbo had progressed and accomplished in ‘intellectual, scientific, technological and other fields’ of life, noting that Igbo skills are driving the nation forward; thus, he called for backing to sustain the efforts.

He further stated that Igbo’s struggle is their inability to speak in one voice. Uzodimma said: ‘We have allowed ourselves to be divided, and as the scripture said, a house divided against itself cannot stand.’ He maintained the need for the South East Economic Development Fund to finance research for the prosperity of the zone.

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