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Tinubu Has Been Fair To S’East – APC National Welfare Sec

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Chief Donatus Nwankpa who is the National Welfare Secretary of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has come out to claim that President Bola Tinubu has shown ‘fairness’ to the people of the Southeast zone so far, despite receiving the least votes from the zone during the 2023 presidential election.

He explained that the South East was actually carried away by ovation during the presidential election, however, calling on them to retrace their step and support the party at the centre to attract more dividends of democracy to the zone.

Speaking in an interview in Umuahia, Nwankpa, however, explained that with Tinubu’s policy of inclusiveness, the South East has nothing to worry about getting its due from the federal government.

He said; ‘President Bola Tinubu has shown fairness to the South East. How many people of the South East actually voted for President Tinubu? How many people in Abia voted for APC? The South East was carried away by ovation during the presidential election. And incidentally, the way of God is not the way of man. The South East should retrace its step and support the party at the centre. Let us encourage our people to stop being carried away by ovation.’

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When Jonathan was president; the South East claimed he was their son. To what extent did the Jonathan administration transform the South East? The Minister of Works, Dave Umahi, has visited the South East., he was in Abia state. The most important thing the South East needs is infrastructure, security and a level playing ground to display their talents. I want to assure you that with Tinubu’s policy of inclusiveness, the South East will have nothing to cry about. The interest for any candidate in an election is to emerge victorious and only votes will give him victory. How many votes did the South East give Tinubu during the presidential poll? This is the time for us to come and work together. The South East isn’t shortchanged. Every state in the South East has a minister. Tinubu didn’t deny us despite getting the least votes.

Something is being done in respect of other things. But on our own part, charity belongs at home. This is an administration that is rooted in reality. Tinubu is a President that is tackling the issues on ground, headlong. When you want to make some changes, there is bound to be some bruises. So, we are in the process of correcting and cleaning up. But we want Nigerians to appreciate the reality on ground.

The previous policy on fuel was making few Nigerians too rich. And we were going into too much indebtedness. I want to assure you that in due course, the price of fuel will fall.In due course, many challenges we are facing today will disappear. This is because what was met on ground was something that requires some level of courage. I salute Tinubu’s courage. This is a president that transformed Lagos state when he was Governor, from a dependent state to a state that is today counted among the fastest growing and richest in Africa. Tinubu has also transformed individuals from obscurity to prominence. Mr. President knows how to assemble people that can add value to what he is doing. From now till one year, Nigerians will see something to smile about. This is why you didn’t see Mr. President talk much about his 100 days in office. If it was in the past, they would have been busy making funfair, despite the pains of the people.’

The APC chieftain, who is a former chairman of the party in Abia State, further stated that there is no division in the party in the state and urged party leaders to join hands to build the APC.

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