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Anambra: Drug Dealers Arrested In Massive Task Force Raid

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The Anambra State Government’s Joint Task Force (JTF) on security apprehended 35 individuals believed to be engaged in different criminal activities.

The arrests took place at various sites as the Special Joint Task Force (JTF), operating under Operation Clean and Healthy Anambra (Ocha Brigade) in partnership with the Anambra Vigilante Group (AVG), apprehended them.

Mr. Anthony Agbafune, the Public Relations Officer of Ocha Brigade, spoke about the arrests, highlighting the agency’s unwavering dedication to ensuring a clean and habitable environment for the state’s inhabitants.

He explained that those detained were individuals who had been wreaking havoc and causing fear in both the state and its surrounding regions.

He stated that their activities included robbing innocent citizens, distributing hard drugs (mkpurumiri) to youths, stealing, and extorting money from motorists.

He mentioned that the governor had entrusted them with the responsibility of cleansing Anambra of the individuals negatively impacting the environment.

‘We have the mandate of the governor to sanitise the state and make it habitable’ he said.

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In addition, Agbafune pointed out that the arrested parties would be handed over to the appropriate authorities to initiate legal proceedings.

‘We will soon move those suspects involved in drugs to National Drugs Law Enforcement Agency( NDELA) , Police and the Ministry of Justice for necessary actions. Our job is to pick the defaulters, document them and move them to the appropriate agency for necessary action’ he stated.

Addressing the press, Mr. Mike Agara, one of the apprehended individuals hailed from Taraba state, admitted to using Indian hemp but denied involvement in its sale.

In his account, he pointed out that the Indian hemp discovered in his room belongs his brother, who engages in its trade.

Ikene Eze, a resident of Enugu state, also confessed to being involved in the trade of mkpurumiri and other substances. He mentioned that he sources his supply from Imo State.

In his explanation, he cited a lack of job opportunities as the reason for his involvement in the drug trade, as he wished to steer clear of theft.

He stated that he supplies these substances to big rig truck drivers because they use them to stay awake while driving during the night and avoid drowsiness

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