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How Marginalisation Is Fueling Insecurity In S’East – Lawmaker

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Hon Attorney Mathew Nwogu who is the Labour Party lawmaker representing Abob Mbaise/Ngor-Okpala federal constituency Owerri, Imo State has blamed discriminatory federal government policies against the South East, and unemployment for the insecurity in the region.

He made this known while speaking yesterday at the National Assembly.

According to him, the deteriorating security condition in the South East is the result of the exclusion from essential means of livelihood in terms of fair representation, participation, recognition, and youth employment by past federal government policies.

He also drew the attention of the government to its primary responsibility of protection of life and property.

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‘Well it seems to me that, one of the main functions of the government is to make sure that there is peace, order, and provision of security;  protection of lives and property of the citizens.

‘It has become a recurrent decimal all over the country, where insecurity is almost everywhere specifically in the South East. What is happening now is unprecedented and we have not expected it.

‘Assuming but not conceding that there is something the government should do, the government should quickly do that. To me, technically, I think that there is this strong agitation by our people that we have not been treated fairly, in terms of the marginalisation of the South Easterners.

‘So, to me, I always feel that a hungry man is an angry man, so if the youths are gainfully employed, if there is fairness and equity in everything we do, nobody will agitate and insecurity will be gone, that is what I believe’ he stated.

Responding to a question on fair distribution of palliatives, the lawmaker feigned ignorance about what is happening in his state. He further explained that some of them who are stakeholders from opposition parties are not carried along in his state.

He noted that politics is over and that he expects that the state government should be all inclusive, by carrying everybody along in its policies and programmes but everything is happening to the contrary.

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