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Enugu Tennis Tournament Buzzing With Over 60 Participants

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Enugu state has become a centre of youthful exuberance as sixty-plus individuals from the South East and South-South regions have arrived to take part in the highly anticipated 6th edition of the lawn Tennis tournament.

Tennis enthusiasts are in for a treat as the Prince Victor Uwakwe Under 15 and 21 Regional Tennis Tournament gets prepared at the Enugu Sports Club Tennis court.

with no disregard for inclusivity, the tournament embraces both male and female athletes, comprising a group of 40 male players and 20 female players in every category.

Addressing the attendees in his opening speech, the sponsor, Prince Victor Uwakwe, said the tournament’s primary objective is to harness the potential of young talents at the grassroots level, providing them with better exposure and meaningful engagements to refine their tennis skills.

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Represented by Mr. Lawrence Molokwu, Uwakwe emphasised that the players’ discipline and capabilities would undergo rigorous tests. He noted that the tournament presents a valuable opportunity for young athletes to cultivate a wealth of experience, acting as a solid foundation for achieving greater heights in the future.

‘It is my belief that focus and discipline achieved in sports rubs off in other parts of your life. It gives you a more robust trajectory in the ladder of success.’

‘Winning the prize is wonderful but it is more important to understanding the lessons learnt in the journey all the way.’

‘The tournament has been evolving over the years and this year, we are glad to have our sister states join us, we want to engage and build with them as we are brothers and sisters.’

‘We hope they have a memorable experience with us. We hope to always improve and enrich the quality of the tournament to a better and worthy experience,’ he said.

Wrapping up his speech, Sir Victor Atuonwu, the chairman of the Enugu Sports Club, welcomed everyone and reiterated the club’s unwavering pledge to drive sports development in the state.

He pointed out that the club’s sports facilities were established with the specific goal of nurturing the development of sports in the state.

John Ekeocha, the captain of the Tennis Department at Sports Club, affirmed that the tournament caters specifically to youths aged 15 to 21, and was hopful for capable individuals to carry the program to new heights.

He advised the participant to take the event seriously and make life out of it as the programme has provided opportunity for them to take their talent to the next level.

Mr. Chuka Ezike, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Youths and Sports, expressed his delight in joining such an occasion and extended gratitude to the individuals who are actively sponsoring sports activities in the state.

He urged the organisers to continue the good work and called on the players to take the game as their dream in life to ensure that they play it at the highest level.

Ezike said that the Ministry of Youths and Sports is fully prepared to collaborate with any philanthropist who desires to contribute to society through sports, providing the youth with a strong platform to thrive and succeed in life.

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