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Ebonyi Defies Simon Ekpa’s Monday Sit-At-Home Order

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Monday in Ebonyi State saw a flurry of socio-economic activities, as residents carried on with their ordinary tasks, enjoying a sense of security without facing any harassment or assaults from individuals believed to be members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

It is worth noting that the Ishieke Community in the Ebonyi Local Government Area of Ebonyi State experienced an attack last week, carried out by enforcers of the Sit-at-home order issued by Simon Ekpa.

The Eastern Updates Reports indicate that in the State capital of Ebonyi State, shops, business centers, supermarkets, banks, government offices, filling stations, and other establishments have resumed their business activities.

Commuters in the State experienced unimpeded vehicular activities, enabling them to travel smoothly from one location to another.

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The Army and other security agencies initiated their show of force on Sunday, and this continued into Monday morning, marked by the presence of security vehicles stationed strategically throughout the capital city.

As this report was compiled, a serene environment fostered unproblematic transportation of goods and services across all areas of the State.

Kpirikpiri Market witnessed bustling business transactions between buyers and sellers, unhindered by any restrictions, coinciding with the opening of Dominion City, Abakaliki, for the ‘Dominion Leadership Institute, DLI’ training program in the State.

Many have lauded this development as a positive and forward-thinking measure, intended to strengthen public trust in the Security Agencies and the State’s current administration.

Despite the positive developments reported, apprehensions still persist regarding possible disturbances in the State tomorrow (Tuesday) if security forces do not effectively handle the enforcement of Simon Ekpa’s 14-day sit-at-home order.

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