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Gunmen Kidnap Popular Native Doctor, Akwa Okuko Tiwara Aki

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Akwa Okuko tiwara aki, a well-known native doctor has been abducted by gunmen in his hometown, Oba in Idemili North local government area of Anambra State on Sunday. He was allegedly kidnapped at one of his hotels.

The native doctor, Akwa Okuko tiwara aki (the egg that breaks palm nut), who was said to possess the power of disappearing when danger approached, was incapable of vanishing when faced with the gunmen.

Reportedly, two members of his security team were fatally shot and killed during the raid at the hotel’s vicinity, leaving him vulnerable to being whisked away by the assailants without any resistance.

Much to the astonishment of everyone, Akwa Okuko tiwara aki, known as one of Anambra state’s most powerful native doctors, was kidnapped with zero resistance at Triple P Hotel, one of the three hotels he erected in Oba.

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DSP Toochukwu Ikenga, the PPRO of Anambra State, has confirmed the abduction of Akwa Okuko tiwara aki, stating that the incident occurred around 11:30 pm last night, according to the reports from the police command.

Aderemi Adeoye, the State Commissioner of Police, upon learning of the abduction, promptly directed the police operatives to launch a search operation and apprehend the kidnappers for the safe release of the victim.

A source said: ‘Akwa Okuko Tiwara aki has been Kidnapped. Two of his security men were shot dead.’

‘The ease of his abduction has put a question mark on his rumoured strength.’

In the interim, his residence in Oba has witnessed a surge in visitors, as numerous individuals went to verify the veracity of the kidnapping, surprised by the purported exceptional powers he was said to have.

At present, the kidnappers have not communicated with his family concerning any ransom negotiations.

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