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Why Anambra Will Not Cut Down Work Days — Commissioner

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Mr. Christian Udechukwu who is the Commissioner for Industry Development in Anam­bra State has said that the reduction in the days at work for workers in some states from five to three is not the solution to the subsidy removal by the Fed­eral Government. 

The Federal and State govern­ments have also been charged to look inward in their attempts to solve the energy crisis in the country by patronising Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing (IVM) Company Limited.

Speaking during the tour of the IVM facility in Nnewi, Anam­bra State yesterday, Udechukwu insisted that the reduction in the working days for workers would not enhance productivity, rather would slow down the country’s growth.

According to him, there was a need to lower the country’s debt burden, but he warned that reducing the number of days for workers would exacerbate the country’s economic challenges.

Udechukwu emphasised that the withdrawal of fuel subsidy by the Federal Government had created a shock in the country, thereby leading to over 300 per cent rise in the price of Premium Motor Spirt (PMS0, while airfares had also skyrocketed.

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He said: “I hear that in some states, they are cutting down the working days of workers from five to three; that cannot enhance and help the productivity of Nige­ria. In fact, we should be mindful of the fact that parts of the chal­lenges we have to overcome in order to address Nigeria’s debt burden is to increase productiv­ity and not to decrease it.

‘If you reduce the days be­cause you want to help the work­ers save money, you are reducing productivity. The economic chal­lenge will multiple. What we need to do in order to reduce the debt is to expand the economy to in­crease productivity and empow­er industry on a 24 hours basis. We don’t need to withdraw now, rather we need to rise up to the challenges.

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