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UK Court To Determine Ekweremadus Fate Today

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Ahead of today’s sentencing of former Deputy Senate President Ike Ekweremadu and his wife, Beatrice for organ harvesting, prominent Nigerians and Africans have continued to appeal to the UK Court for clemency on the troubled Nigerian Senator.

Members of the Ikeoha Mpu Pacesetters League (IMPL) have united in a last-ditch appeal to the UK Court, pleading with it to release their mentor and brother, as well as his wife, unconditionally.

Meanwhile, the residents of the Mpu village conducted a prayer vigil until yesterday morning in hopes of receiving divine intervention. They emphasised that their lives had already been affected by the lawmaker’s extended absence, who they claimed had altered Aninri LGA and given thousands of people new leases on life.

In a press conference which was monitored by The Eastern Updates, Ikeoha Mpu Pacesetters League IMPL, an assembly of individuals, numbering over 500, who were empowered by Senator Ekweremadu through sponsorship of their education and securing of jobs in different spheres of life, said Ikeoha was a big tree and his fall would spell doom for thousands.

The President General of the Association, Chijioke Benjamin Ezekwe told newsmen that the conviction of Senator Ekweremadu and his wife based on certain mistakes made in trying to save their ailing daughter did not in any way represent their true character.

Ezekwe, who was among the thousands of people that benefited from the Ikeoha Foundation Education Scheme of the Senator said his contributions to humanity and the development of Africa at large should be considered by the UK Government.

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The IMPL President maintained that the calls for mercy on the Ekweremadus which are coming from every quarter of Africa and the globe were enough testimonies that Ike Ekweremadu remains a role model for generations to come.

He said, ‘It is rather ironical to believe that the same man that had denied himself comfort to train many indigent persons both in his community and beyond, built roads and schools, created employment opportunities, sponsored so many life-changing bills at the National Assembly and served African Continent meritoriously as Deputy Speaker and Speaker of the Parliament of ECOWAS, including other global assignments intentionally committed such a crime. But since they have been pronounced guilty, all we are pleading is for mercy.’

Meanwhile, it was like a crusade at the Community Primary School, Amagu Mpu playground, as both the old, young, and widows, defied the rain to gather and cry to God to deliver their son, whom they described as the backbone of the community and a philanthropist.

However, this wasn’t the first time the people of Mpu community and Aninri in general gathered for such.

Even with the Court pronouncing them guilty, the faith of the people remained strong and their belief unchanged that God would intervene on their behalf.

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