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Oxygen: Soludo Moves To Reduce Under-5 Infant Mortality

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The Managing Director of the Anambra State Oxygen Plant, Mrs. Amaka Arinze, has revealed that the State Governor, Charles Chuk­wuma Soludo is presently seeking to reduce Under-5 infant mortalities with regular and constant production of medical oxygen for hospitals across the state.

She said the present adminis­tration is fighting tooth and nail to ensure that Anambra State achieved the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals through the production of medical oxygen to reduce Under-5 infant mortalities which rate about 625,000 deaths annually across Nigeria.

The oxygen plant boss who spoke exclusively with our cor­respondent shortly after the over­sight visit of the Anambra State House of Assembly Committee on Health, said the oxygen plant is functional and that it runs 24-hour operation, adding that availability of oxygen in hospi­tals cannot be overemphasised.

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She explained that the visit of the House of Assembly Com­mittee on Health to the oxygen plant was helpful because she used the occasion to implore the legislature to come up with a bill to ensure that every health facil­ity in Anambra State must have oxygen to give patients in need.

She also disclosed that the state’s oxygen plant will ensure that every hospital in Anambra State is given one free oxygen cyl­inder every month, adding that the visit of the legislators was important as they would help in the enforcement of the national policy on medical oxygen.

According to her, absence of medical oxygen in hospitals lead to 625,000 deaths annually and that these deaths affected chil­dren and aged people mainly.

She stressed that the presence of oxygen cylinders helps a lot to save lives, be it at the Primary Health Care Centres because ox­ygen helps to sustain movement of patients from one point to an­other.

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