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Attacks On Obi: Coalition Of Igbo Lawyers Warns Politicians

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A group identified as the Igbo Lawyers Association (ILA) has issued a warning to people it referred to as unscrupulous politicians, to end the moves aimed at demonising the presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP), Mr. Peter Obi.

Coordinator of ILA, Victor Onweremmadu, who gave the warning on Friday, pointed out that the association had watched carefully, the attacks on Obi, since he decided to approach the Presidential Election Tribunal, to retrieve a mandate he believed, was stolen from him.

He said it was disheartening that all efforts made by ILA, to convince young Igbos that the ‘One Nigeria Project’ was feasible and possible were currently being ruined by the efforts of some ethnic jingoists and religious bigots now using Obi’s decision to reclaim his mandate to demonstrate hidden hatred for Ndigbo.

Igbo lawyers have taken a stand on the issue of Peter Obi. We’ve equally extended our warning to those unscrupulous politicians trying to destroy Peter Obi and generally fight against the Igbo interest.

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‘We’ve been watching their utterances.  We’ve been seeing what they’re doing. But they must realise that other ethnic groups have had their turn in the leadership of this country. They’ve all had their turn including our brothers in the South-South.

‘The Nigerian people massively voted for Peter Obi across the whole country, but the powers that be decided to rig the election for the APC. ‘ILA is giving a firm warning that we’ve tried our best to tell our people to believe in One Nigeria.  We’ve tried as much as possible, to make all angry people calm down and support the system and One Nigeria project.’

‘But what they’re doing to us, the Igbos in this Nigeria, is making us rethink if we really belong to this country and also to begin to think of the country of our own. We’re 100 per cent in support of Peter Obi,’ Onweremmadu said.

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