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Shock As Simon Ekpa Orders Sit-At-Home In Lagos

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Simon Ekpa, a self-proclaimed follower of the detained leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu has called on Southeasterners living in Lagos to be part of a sit-at-home exercise following an alleged attack on them.

Despite his disengagement from IPOB due to his refusal to sign the rules of engagement for the operation of Radio Biafra, Ekpa has continuously expressed support for the Biafra agitation, leading a faction of IPOB known as ‘Autopilots.’

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Ekpa rose to prominence in July 2021, after he was announced as the lead broadcaster of Radio Biafra.

But shortly after his appointment, IPOB announced his disengagement because of his refusal to sign the rules of engagement in the operation of the radio station.

He was recently arrested and released in Finland.

According to Ekpa in a tweet on Tuesday, the sit-at-home exercise is targeted at crippling the economy of the Lagos state government.

He said, ‘I have just watched another Igbo Biafra Market in Lagos being burnt down in Balogun lagos today, and i am very sad. Since after the election, igbo Biafrans in Lagos and their Businesses has been attacked and like i have said earlier, we cant sit back and watch. As Biafrans in Lagos will be getting ready to return home with their businesses. To this end, we will activate sit at home for all Biafrans in Lagos.

‘This sit at home is targeted at crippling the economy of the Lagos state government, whose body language has suggested to be directly responsible for the attack against Igbos. I therefore call on all Igbo market leaders in Lagos that we are ready to provide securities for all Igbo markets in Lagos pending when the businesses will be moved to Eastern region. We will fortify all your market against attackers. The underground work will start immediately.’

‘This sit-at-home, when activated applies to every Biafran doing Business in Lagos. Both shop owners, commercial bus drivers etc.’

The Eastern Updates reports that social media users are currently reactting to the call by Ekpa.

The Eastern Updates

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