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Obi: No One Is Planning To Impeach You — Umeh Tells Soludo

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The Senator-elect for Anambra Central Senatorial Zone, Senator Victor Umeh, has tackled the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) and its administration in the state for begging the people of Anambra State to vote for APGA candidates for the Saturday State Assembly when they fought against the election of Mr. Peter Obi who still won in the state during the presidential election.

Senator Umeh who described the action of APGA leadership and that of Prof.Chukwuma Soludo-led government against the candidacy of Mr. Obi as the height of sabotage said that APGA administration as led by Prof. Soludo has no moral justification to seek votes for the candidates of APGA with whom he allegedly sabotaged the election Mr. Obi in the just concluded presidential election.

Umeh who was the National Chairman of APGA was denied a ticket by the party leadership he enthroned and the sitting government he worked tirelessly to enthrone, an action the people the state and Anambra Central senatorial electorates in particular roundly condemned, defected to Labour Party, LP, where the people showed their solidarity by massively voting for him, rather told the APGA led government of Soludo to rather make a state broadcast to seek for forgiveness from the people of the state before asking for their vote, saying that the people of the state have not got any reward for enthroning him as Governor.

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Speaking in a radio program in Anambra State, Senator Umeh said that the campaign if Labour Party is top to bottom, adding that the party does not believe in the treachery for which the new leadership of APGA is known.

According to the Aguluzigbo-born seasoned politician, ‘Governor Soludo should do a state broadcast and apologize to Anambra state, Peter Obi, Ndiigbo and Nigerians for campaigning against the leader of the new political movement in Nigeria Mr. Obi before asking for votes for candidates of APGA in the State Assembly election coming up on Saturday.

‘Our campaign in LP is top to bottom and top to bottom ends on March 11. Mr. Obi called a world press conference at Abuja and asked us to vote for LP candidates for governorship and the house of assembly election on march 11.

‘Vote for LP candidates for House of Assembly in Anambra State for they are not going to impeach anybody. Let’s help Obi to build the structure they said we don’t have.

‘Soludo said that Peter Obi will not get 25% in 3 states but according to INEC, Peter Obi got 25% in 20 states but when they announce the real result, Obi will get 25% in 30 states. It is surprising and amusing that Governor Soludo is now desperate to call meetings and begging everyone to vote for APGA on march 11 so that he will not be impeached, but that is an exercise in futility, House of Assembly is not the property of anybody.

‘No one will impeach him, but we need legislators that will check his executive recklessness. He should stop being afraid of his shadows, and face his work and do well instead of pleading for rubber stamp lawmakers. The only way for democracy to thrive in Nigeria is when you have independent lawmakers.

‘Soludo’s arrogance should be checkmated. If he doesn’t have a skeleton in his cupboard then he will do his work with his executive power. Independent legislators are needed to stop his impunity.

‘If he doesn’t commit an impeachable offence, then he won’t be impeached. Obi was a governor in his first term in office with no APGA legislator. When he was removed by the legislators, he came back through the court because he committed no impeachable offence.

“Obi as a governor with PDP legislators worked for Ndi Anambra with no restriction from PDP lawmakers, so Soludo should jettison the fear of being impeached and stop the panic meeting he is been calling.’

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