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Enugu: Politicians Behind Group Threatening Mayhem -IPOB

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The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has dissociated itself from a group allegedly camped in some parts of Enugu State, which threatened to cause mayhem if a certain governorship candidate fails to win in this week’s election.

In a video being circulated on social media which was obtained by The Eastern Updates, the group, claimed to be members of the Eastern Security Network (ESN), an arm of the IPOB.

However, the spokesman of the IPOB, Emma Powerful, in a statement at the weekend, disclosed that it was a criminal gang called Motherland Warriors led by one Chocho.

He warned the gang to desist from giving IPOB and ESN a bad me, explaining that Motherland Warriors were neither ESN operatives nor IPOB members. He noted that ESN operatives do not have nicknames.

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Powerful added: ‘They do not have any social media handle on Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp.’

He alleged that the organised criminals are sponsored by the Nigeria government and some politicians, namely some traditional rulers, religious leaders, and other state actors in Enugu State.

‘Their targets can be seen in the viral video that they released. They claimed that they are ESN, but they are not ESN and do not speak for ESN.

‘The Nigeria government, through some unscrupulous politicians, have hired criminals to keep impersonating ESN as a means to blackmail IPOB and ESN with criminality, but that can’t work.

‘These sponsored criminal gangs have nothing to offer, but to kill and destroy in our land, and at the same time make videos, claiming to be fighting for the release of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. These are all paid agents of blackmail targeting IPOB and MNK.

‘For these paid criminal agents to claim to be ESN operatives in their viral videos is laughable.

‘They are deluded and will pay dearly for the evils they commit against our people and the treachery they perpetrate in the Biafra struggle in due time.  As long as they are operating in the East, ESN will capture them one day.

‘IPOB and ESN operatives don’t indulge in such cowardice or political thuggery and assassination threats.

‘We are warning Chocho and his gang to stop using IPOB and ESN operatives’ names again in this 2023. We cannot afford to allow them to use ESN’s name in their criminal activities this year, 2023.’

If ESN catches you impersonating them, you will have yourself to blame. That is why we are calling on every state-sponsored gang to stop linking the  sacred name of ESN to their criminality or face capital punishment.

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