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2023: Youths, Women Will Drive My Administration – Obi

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The presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP), Peter Obi, yesterday assured that if elected his administration would be driven by youths and women.

He also promised Nigerians that he will increase funding for the education sector.

Obi, who spoke at a town hall meeting in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, assured he would accommodate old people in his cabinet,  mostly as advisers, while the youths would dominate the government.

On education, Obi told the town hall meeting, made up of largely youths and students, that he would increase funding to the sector, grant autonomy to universities, put an end to strikes while students would have access to loans.

The LP flag bearer regretted that that nation was placing more emphasis on building physical infrastructure while neglecting investment in its human capital.

This government is going to be youth and women government. The old people will be there as advisers, they will guide us, we will respect them, but the youths will spearhead it…

“A government that refused to recognise the impact of education to development is doomed. I said we will fund education, we will increase the funding. We will invest in education because the greatest investment any society can do is education. The more educated a society is, the more developed they are. So we will fund education at tertiary level through collaborations, government will bring the money and we can also get some corporations to support and we will  give students loans. University should be able to manage their resources, so they don’t have to shut down.” 

The Eastern Updates reports that Obi said the university system was beset by lots of challenges, but promised to sit down with ASUU to sort things out.

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