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2023: Peter Obi Is God’s Choice For Nigeria – Abia Cleric

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Pastor Paul Chibuisi who is the Lead Pastor, World Deposit Family International, has said the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi, is God’s choice for Nigeria.

The cleric, made this known yesterday in Umuahia while celebrating his ordination, he said, ‘Obi may not be the ordained spiritual leadership of the people, but there are credible evidence that he should be given the chance to govern Nigeria.’

The cause for Obi as president had been gathering momentum in Umuahia, as churches now preach for the peace of Nigeria through Obi in next year’s general elections.

Chibuisi further stated, ‘God will not be quiet to be brought into the matter, but considering that the North and the South-West have both produced the president of Nigeria, it is the turn of a man from the east and it should be given to Peter Obi.’

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‘Obi left a credible record throughout his governance in Anambra State. He is the one to govern Nigeria and God’s choice for the country.’

Speaking after the occasion where widows were empowered, Chibuisi said through the ministry, people would be touched in communities, hospitals, prisons, schools and less-privileged outreach programmes.

He noted that the world was at perilous times, stating that the numerous religious institutions in the world, particularly through Christianity is God’s plan to raise armies as light to fight darkness and sin.

‘God poured out his spirit on the people, hence the many young people prophesying these days in churches,’ he added.

Meawhile, Obi has reacted to Saturday’s rallies organised across the country by his supporters, better known as Obidients.

To mark Nigeria’s Independence Day celebration, the group held peaceful rallies in Lagos, Bauchi, Edo, and others, including London.

Reacting in a statement, yesterday,  Obi said the October 1, 2022, would go down in history ‘as a day Nigerians spoke with one united voice.

‘Obi reiterated that their message was simple  and well understood – ‘a new nigeria is possible!’

‘From Lagos, Bauchi, Benin City, Warri, Osogbo, Kaduna, Uyo, Aba, London, New York, and many more, OBIdients made a bold statement with generally very peaceful rallies.’

Obi said Nigerians of all groups and gender marched in their millions to show solidarity and to support ‘our collective vision of a New Nigeria.’

He thanked the Nigerian youths for their ‘passion, resolve, and resiliency,’ stressing that they have shown the entire world that Nigeria is ready for a change, and the majority are ready to lead the way.’

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