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2023: We Won’t Step Down For Anyone – Obi-Datti Campaign

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The media office of the Obi-Datti 2023 Presidential campaign has debunked speculations that the Presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Mr. Peter Obi, has entered into a ‘political deal’  to support the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, Atiku Abubakar.

The campaign office in a statement in Abuja, on Saturday, described the speculations as the handiwork of charitable propagandists who indulge in distorting facts in the pursuit of imaginary relevance for their paymasters.

The statement read in part, “Rather than strive to contend with the hard sell of their candidates, these mischief makers bandy about misleading accounts of the issue-based messages of our candidates just to score cheap political points and thus distract the discerning public.

‘While we understand the frustration of dealing in their hard-to-sell, “expired milk” [apologies to BAT] in a competitive market, the FairPlay rule demands that you don’t associate the good with the bad product. We demand honour even among thieves!

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‘We know the intention of the spin-doctors in selling an utterly false story that the highflying Labour Party candidate, Peter Obi, met with his PDP counterpart and reached a deal.  Nothing can be further from the truth.’

It further said, ‘Obi’s foreign trip, its motive, and where and who to meet are already in the public domain; his meeting in the UK with some Nigerian political leaders is visually seen by all.

‘But mischievous propagandists prefer to concoct lies in a desperate effort to clean up their candidate.

‘We understand why the focus is on the Obi-Datti candidacy; they are easily the front runners in this 2023 race and the tag team has irresistible messages that are resonating with the embattled Nigerian public who are anxious more than ever to reclaim and take back their country.

‘The LP candidates are on a divine mission to rescue and rebuild this country and cannot be distracted by any fabrications intended to mislead.

‘If Obi’s mission is to rescue Nigeria from the old order, he ought not be seen working for the changing order.’

The media office noted that stories around the issue expose the writers as having exhausted themselves even before the start of the electioneering campaign and now resort to manufacturing supporters.

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