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3 Cases Of Monkeypox Confirmed In Abia

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Abia State Chief Epidemiologist, Peace Nwogwugwu has announced that the state has recorded three cases of Monkeypox in recent weeks even as he expressed fears that the situation could soon become complicated. 
This is even as the state government has warned residents to maintain all stipulated guidelines to prevent and control the spread of monkeypox disease in the state.
Speaking in a Radio programme in Umuahia which was monitored by The Eastern Updates, Nwogwugwu pointed out that out of the three confirmed cases, two recovered rapidly.
She added that contact tracing and collection of samples for testing for those who came close to them had been done.
She noted that while government had activated all necessary response activities, residents had role to play in the prevention and control of the ailment by adhering to the stipulated public health directory.
The Epidemiologist reiterated that as an ailment that spreads through contact, residents should avoid contact with infected or suspected to have had contact with a confirmed person, take regular hand washing seriously, avoid unnecessary gatherings or travel and maintain social distance.
She also called on public health workers to maintain high index of suspicion and use a new hand glove to attend to each patient after washing their hands, while not hesitating to report and escalate any case of a patient who presented with high fever and rashes for appropriate action to be taken to that effect.
In an interview with Daily Sun, Nwogwugwu said not all the cases of the epidemic in the state was active, stressing that everything was been done to curtail its spread.

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