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Anambra PDP Congress: Agudosi Joins Chairmanship Race

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Ahead of the Congress of the opposition People’s Democratic Party in Anambra State, popular grassroots politician, Ngozika Agudosi has thrown his hats into the ring to vie for the top position as chariman of the Party. 

In a statement which was obtained by The Eastern Updates, the politician vowed to return PDP to winning ways in future elections should he get the mantle of leadership from the party’s delegates.

The People’s Democratic Party had earlier disclosed that the State Congress of the Party in Anambra State is expected to hold on 5th March, 2022 as the opposition party looks to bounce back from its defeat in the last Guber Elections in Anambra State.

While promising to restore PDP to winning ways, Agudosi pledged to work together with all stakeholders and leaders of the party to implement his blueprint.

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He said; ‘My aspiration is a sure banker because I have come to build the PDP and not to plunder it; work for the PDP and not relax and be taken care of by the PDP’

He also added that; ‘I have a clear manifesto that captures what I will do, how I will do it and when I would do it – without stories’

Read the full press statement below:


My Dear Party Founding Fathers, Elders, Leaders, Stakeholders, Friends, Brothers and Sisters, Fellow Party Members,

My name is Ngozika Agudosi; Ogene Nnobi.

I am pleased to engage you today hence I have come to you all as individuals and groups in whose hands the destiny of the PDP in Anambra State is.

In 1998, our founding fathers articulated a political movement that is today known as the People’s Democratic Party.

It was a political party designed to operate on the tripod of mass participation, shared prosperity and progress for all.

In Anambra State, the party became a household name and there is no frontline politician in Anambra State today who has not at one point or another been either a full member, financier or key supporter of this great party and it is because the party was owned by the people.

It is important to note at this point that Anambra State is a fully fledged and undisputed PDP State.

In 1998, it is on record that we took 20 local governments in the local government elections.

In 1999 we took the state government, State Assembly and the National Assembly.

In 2003 we took all the seats again.

Until the 2005 mishap; we were the most beautiful bride in the entire space and ever since till date we have been playing the second fiddle in a space that we actually built to belong to us alone.

It is on this basis that I have decided to offer myself to run for the office of Chairman of the Anambra State Chapter of our party because I believe the PDP can be rebranded and repositioned.

I believe we all deserve a better PDP and I believe we can make it happen for the betterment of all.

In the last half a decade, the current situation of our dear party has been a burning issue on my mind and it is more convincing now than ever that we have not gotten it right.

It is also clear that our dear PDP is not functioning at full capacity because very little progress has been made.

In fact, we are rapidly losing our status as the strongest and most potent political party in Anambra State.

However, I have good news for all members and lovers of the PDP in Anambra State.

My aspiration is driven by truth and the rediscovery of our roots, which is the vision and mission of our founding fathers which will lead to restoration of our lost glory.

My agenda is to serve, rebrand, reposition and re-engage all and sundry so that jointly, we all will re-win with the PDP wherein we all have equal shares.

The kind of leadership I seek to entrench is one that is visionary, articulate and determined to break through against all odds and rebuild our dear party.

I desire to establish a performance based social contract between leadership and members driven by promises made and physical value delivered based on the principle of TALK AND DO!

I therefore seek your support as the most important backing my aspiration needs.

The new Anambra PDP that I am envisioning with me as chief servant is one which will trigger a state wide consciousness that will reposition us all to first be accepted by Ndi Anambra as government in waiting and immediately afterwards, the government in power.

A party where peace and unity, equity and fairness and reward for loyalty shall reign; where the progress of our members shall be the major drive; where the faith of our members shall be restored and where the spirit of our founding fathers will be reinvoked to be our guide.

The new PDP that shall not only earn respect but shall be admired by all. Where no one is shortchanged and where rights and privileges of all are protected.

This is the only way our supporters who have lost faith in us, due to lack of progress will return.

This is the only way the Umbrella movement of the masses which we are will be reinvigorated to provide shelter; we will no more waste resources chasing shadows instead of substance.

This is the only way the guiding spirits and vision of our founding fathers can return.

I am humbly requesting your endorsement and support because I cannot do it alone.

I am humbly asking you all to support me and let us rebrand, reposition and re-engage so we can re-win with Anambra PDP – a party that cares about the welfare of members, one where only the best shall always fly our tickets and most importantly, one where party supremacy will be restored through hardwork and transparency.

My aspiration is a sure banker because it has come to build the PDP not plunder it; work for the PDP and not relax and be taken care of by the PDP.

These are the reasons why I have a clear manifesto that captures what I will do, how I will do it and when I will do it – without stories.

My Dear Party Founding Fathers, Elders, Leaders, Stakeholders, Friends, Brothers and Sisters, please, Fellow Party Members, give me your support and let me prove that the PDP is still the original movement of the masses at the grassroot that it was birthed to be.

God Bless PDP.

God Bless You All.

– Ngozika Agudosi; Ogene Nnobi.


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