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S’E Govs Wants To Sacrifice Ndi Igbo For Power – Nnamdi Kanu

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The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, has accused Southeast governors of being desperate for power even at the expense of the lives of its people.

Kanu claimed that Southeast governors are ready to sacrifice people and anything for their personal gains.

Speaking through the spokesman of IPOB, Emma Powerful, Kanu pledged that the Southeast would actualize Biafra.

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A statement signed by Powerful which was made available to The Eastern Updates reads: ‘How can South-East governors be so desperate for power beyond 2023 that they can sacrifice anything and anybody for personal gains? In case they don’t know, even the Northerners they are trying to impress understand the handwriting on the wall. They know that the governors are on their own.

‘These South East Vassals should know that during referendum, they only have one vote just like the man on the street.

‘If these frustrated politicians without conscience and direction are discerning enough, they should know that they should first push for a referendum to determine if the people they pretend to be speaking for actually have their support. No matter their pretenses, our people are tired of One Nigeria. They have since opted for Biafra, and there is no going back on this irrevocable resolve!’ he concluded.


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