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Group Wants New State carved out from Rivers, Abia, Imo

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A group has advocated the creation of a new state from Abia, Rivers, and Imo States.

The group is proposing that the new state should be called ENOA saying that its creation will fast-track development in Abia /Rivers corridor considering the rich oil deposit in the region.

Coordinator of ENOA State Movement Associate Professor Onwubiko Dike, told The Eastern Updates in Aba that the viability of the proposed state plus the cultural affinity among the people had made its creation necessary.

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His words: ‘ENOA State is a very viable state which has 220 functional oil Wells and 90 capped oil Wells.

‘The place is fertile, we have palms and we have tourist attractions.

‘There is just nothing that one should be afraid of in creating the state and that is why we are asking for ENOA State’, he submitted.

He also cited marginalisation of the affected clans by their current states as reason for the agitation for the new state.

On how they arrived at the name for the proposed state, he said ‘ENOA is an acronym derived from the five areas or clans demanding for the state.’

He went further to explain that said the letters of the acronym were taken from the initials of the areas forming the state which include Etche, Ndoki, Obigbo, Omuma, and Asa.

He said the people of the new state he common descent and were together under Ahoada and later Obehie magisterial districts before they were scattered by state creation.



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