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Ebonyi PDP Is Politicising Insecurity, Commissioner Claims

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Ebonyi State Information and Orientation Commissioner Uchenna Orji yesterday came hard on the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) accusing them of politicising insecurity in the state.

He said key officials of the opposition party were peddling rumours and falsehoods to portray the Umahi administration in bad light.

The commissioner said in a statement that the politicisation by the state chapter of the PDP smacked of gross insensitivity to the security challenges.

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He berated the opposition party for sponsoring what he described as multiple, incoherent, deceitful and diversionary publications targeted at Governor Dave Umahi.
Orji said PDP has not adjusted to the impact of Umahi’s defection to the All Progressives Congress (APC), adding that the reality stares PDP officials in the face.

He said: ‘Since the defection, officials of PDP in the state and zonal levels have been in the habit of dishing out concoctions of mendacious publications against the state government without justification.

‘We are appalled by the unguided, imaginary, hidra- headed and unsubstantiated criminal accusations that pump up on daily basis from their offices as if they have nothing else to do.

‘We therefore, challenge the PDP officials peddling this falsehood to show even the minutest sense of responsibility by substantiating their claims before the relevant authorities instead of exposing their untoward idiosyncrasies and leadership ineptitude which has caused mass exodus of their members to the APC.’

Orji went further to add: ‘Let it be known by PDP that the people of Ebonyi State have long moved to the next level with a party of their choice except a few who have been rejected by their people and they are now running from pillar to post to get attention of the gullible people. This hàbit of creating a melodrama ànd turning back to pretend like a wolf in sheep’s clothe is absolutely chidish and outlandish.

“We hold that PDP’s style of gambling with allegations and trumping up criminal accusations is a clear manifestation of their servitude to falsehood. For instance, the publication by ‘Ebonyi PDP National Assembly caucus’ dated 18th May 2021 accused the State Government of arming Ebonyi youths with AK 47 to kill perceived enemies, but turned back to withdraw the allegations in their publication made through their National Publicity Secretary.

“The same PDP officials who were the last to see one Amos Ogbonna before they alleged his kidnap were the first to see him after he was allegedly released. The same PDP officials are making another claim of another case of abduction of one Anyigor Methuselah. Very soon they will ànnounce his release.

“This same group announced a case of murder of one Shedrack Nwode without mentioning who killed him. They alleged that Ebonyi youths attacked some PDP members without mentioning the suspects. What a senseless blackmail.

“The State Government with its gallant Ebubeagu Security outfit is committed towards the security of lives and properties of the inhabitants of the state and can never be involved in untoward activities as alleged by the political adversaries and we therefore take exception to the accusations associating our wonderful Ebonyi youths with the thoughts or plots to kill or attack anybody as claimed by officials of PDP.

‘We call upon PDP officials at the State, Zonal and National levels to remember that a day of reckoning is imminent and immanent Our people are wiser. Ebonyi people know the motives and destinations of these detractors for resorting to this needless blackmail.’



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