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Enugu In Turmoil As Mbaka Disappears, Appears

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The Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria (AMEN), Fr. Ejike Mbaka has stated that he was not arrested or detained by security agents.

The cleric, who arrived to a rousing welcome at the Adoration Ground around 7:15 pm told faithful he was invited to a meeting with the Bishop of Enugu Catholic Diocese, Callistus Onaga, where he was ordered to vacate the adoration ground and remain silent for 30 days.

He said he was surprised to see other persons at the meeting which he thought was only between him and the Bishop.

He said there was a plan to shut the adoration ground over his recent comments against the government.

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They ordered me to leave the Adoration Ground for 30 days; to be silent for 30 days and to leave Enugu. Their plan was to even send me to Rome after 30 days.

‘I asked them why I was being punished. They can not tell me who to bless. They are angry that I blessed Nnamdi Kanu. I am a priest of God and nobody can tell me who to bless. Is it your blessing? Are you the one giving him life? Are you the one giving him life? Go and take away God’s blessings from him.

“If you said I spoke against government is there no insecurity in the country? Are they angry that I said the government should provide jobs for the youths? I am a priest of God and I will continue to bless and speak the truth.

‘I saw the implication of keeping me there. I told them that my people will look for me if they don’t allow me to attend today’s programme (E no dey again).

‘What would have happened if I had has left Enugu as they instructed? We are a people of peace so I want you all to be peaceful. We will meet here again on Sunday God willing.’

Pandemonium had broken out, yesterday,  as thousands of adherents took to the streets seeking the whereabouts of the fiery priest.

His followers had stormed the residence of the Bishop of Enugu Diocese, Bishop Callistus Onaga, demanding his whereabouts.

According to the protesters, Bishop had invited Mbaka for a meeting by 10 am on Tuesday and they had neither seen nor heard from him since then. 

The cleric, however,  showed up at about 2:50 pm as tension was reaching a breaking point on his whereabouts with many alleging that the government was complicit in his ‘disappearance’.



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