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Boko Haram Was Peaceful Until Govt Started Killing Them – Kanu

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Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra, IPOB, has explained why he cannot criticise Boko Haram.

Kanu disclosed that Boko Haram members were peaceful people before the Nigerian Army and the police started killing them.

The IPOB leader, who spoke during his live broadcast, accused the Nigerian government of turning peaceful organizations into violent groups.

He said: ‘Boko Haram was a peaceful movement until Nigeria Police started killing them. That’s why I’m measured in my criticism of Boko Haram.’

‘They were peaceful. It was Nigeria Police and the Army that kept killing them to the point when they now turned violent.’

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‘We are going to stand up for our rights to be free. We are not subjects of the Fulani caliphate. Many people can subscribe to that, but not this IPOB that I lead. Not now, not tomorrow, not ever.’

‘You know they call us toothless bulldogs, that they are online, they can’t do anything. And I agree with you. If these toothless bulldogs can be doing this when they have no teeth, imagine when they grow teeth, what will happen?’



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