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Kanu Reacts To Yesufu’s Comments On Nigeria Being Worse Than Zoo

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Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has thanked activists Aisha Yesufu and Bolatito Rinu Oduala, popularly known as Savvi Rinu, for acknowledging that Nigeria is a zoo.

It all started when Savvy Rinu, a Nigerian human right activist, renowned for being one of the leading forces in the #ENDSARS, campaign, tweeted,’“Let’s be very honest. Is Nigeria not a zoo?’

And in reaction to Savvi Rinu’s tweet, Aisha tweeted, ‘Calling Nigeria a zoo is actually a compliment.’

The Bring Back Our Girls campaigner, further explained that Nigeria ‘is worse’ than a zoo, adding that ‘Killings don’t happen in zoos indiscriminately.’

‘It is more like a jungle but then killings in jungles is for a purpose. Nigeria is in a category of itself where killings happen indiscriminately with no purpose.’

And the IPOB leader, who has also used the word ‘zoo’ when referring to Nigeria due to bad leadership, responded by saying, ‘Thank you, @AishaYesufu. Thank you @SavvyRinu.’

‘Your epic acknowledgement that Nigeria is a ZOO is an inspiration to those that labour in seeking sensible and lasting solutions to Nigeria. #Biafra. #ESN.’



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