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Igbo In Oyo Harp On Peaceful Co-existence With Yoruba

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The Ohaneze Ndigbo in Oyo State has called for the sustainance of  the cordial relationship between Igbo and  Yoruba saying it would not be  dragged into anything that would strain the relationship.

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A release signed by the President of Oyo Ohaneze Ndigbo,  Nze Emma Nzeakor, Secretary Anierobi and the Ezendigbo of Ibadanland and Oyo State, Eze Dr Alex Anozie,  said the leaders of both  Yoruba and Ndigbo should sit and resolve amicably  whatever  differences they have in the course of their relationship and should pay less attention to those drumming for war. 

  “We are aware of a voice in the social media calling on Ndigbo to leave Yoruba land  and we are sure that some of our Yoruba brothers are also residing in the South East  as nobody has asked them to leave while being sure that nobody would ask them to leave the South East. “

The release said Igbo in Oyo  State is standing behind what Ohaneze national headquarters and the South East governors have said over this matter that the threat should be ignored.

The Oyo Ndigbo revealed that Ndigbo had been in Yoruba land  where it had resided and lived peacefully for  centuries and therefore refuse to yield  to any force tempting it to embark on an action that will stain the cordial  relationship with Yoruba.


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