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Multi Taxation: Obiano Is Sitting On Our Neck And We Can’t Breath

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In the Face of a Global Pandemic, Willie Obiano Choose to Frustrate Ndi-Anambra with Multi-Taxation.

It’s very pathetic that when other state governors are giving tax relief and break, the governor of Anambra state who has not been able to prove what he has done with all the money he inherited from his predecessor, is busy imposing tax on traders and locking up markets and businesses.

Presently, Anambra is the least state when it comes to the ease of doing business in the country. It is obvious that Anambra has been on the reverse since the emergence of governor Obiano, traders have been complaining of low patronage due to the harassment their customers face in the hands of state hired louts when they come to buy in Onitsha – most customers from Ondo, Benin, Warri now choose Lagos as the favourite destination for buying.

The high taxation didn’t end with traders, it was as well extended to transporters, like Keke riders, urban mass drivers and others, you wonder why Asaba has taken over transportation hub from Onitsha, it’s due to uneasiness drivers face in Anambra, everyone now prefers to move to Asaba to board a bus.

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The most worrisome part of this is that what Mr Obiano has been doing with all these revenues are not visible to eyes. The entire sector is collapsed, bad roads everywhere, dilapidated health institutions, decaying Education and no human capital development, you still wonder why investors are no longer finding Anambra attractive.

Truth is, for the average trader, marketer, rider, driver, farmers, small business owners and so on, Obiano is sitting on their neck and they can’t breathe.





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