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Meet Roxy Ogechi Ndebumadu, Chairwoman Of Bowie County

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Nigerian-born Roxy Ogechi Ndebumadu who was recently elected as the Chairwoman of the Bowie County, Texas has opened up to BBC Igbo on her foray into politics in the United States of America and her experience as Chairwoman.

The 27-year-old Computer science graduate was 26 when she delved into politics. She talked about how she difficult it was as a youngster contesting for a vital position with much older and better experiences candidates.

Talking about her reason for joining politics, she reiterated that it was her passion and penchant for helping those in need that drove her into politics. She is using her position and capacity to aid the needy, to fix road infrastructure and to improve in the educational system.

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When asked about her plans for the future, she said she would have to look into the improvement of the economy in the community and to review the immigration standards to make it easier for Nigerians and other African countries to gain access to her county.

Leaving a piece of advice for the political sector in Nigeria, she highlighted the importance of having youths in places of power. She said that Nigeria would not be able to advance politically if Youths are not integrated in the political sector.

She also advised other youths like her seeking to delve into politics that they should endeavour to be as confident and positive as possible. Using herself as an example, she talked about the importance of believing in oneself.



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