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Uwazuruike Is A Traitor – Igbo Masses (Video)

The leader of Biafra Independence Movement (BIM), Chief Ralph Uwazuruike, on Tuesday, came under fire as he was berated by a number of groups and organisations for his recent involvement with the Fulani caliphate and his incessant onslaughts against the leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

Uwazurike who was one of the pioneer’s of the new age Biafran secessionist movements have recently come under speculations of being a traitor to his cause and that of Biafra at large.

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This is because he has been accused numerous times by the Igbos of engaging in Fraudulent transactions with the Nigerian Government which include Bribes, kickbacks and pay cuts for dispelling or sabotaging protests or international petitions made by other secessionist groups.

These accusations also made a major headway when he was fired and expelled from his group, the Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB). Subsequently, the national officers and regional administrators elected Mr. Uchenna Madu emerged the new leader of MASSOB.

Other accusations that have been heaped on him include the fact that he is a master of deception and has for long been using his new group Biafra Independence Movement to deceitfully lead Pro-Biafran groups on personal propaganda instead of the collective cause of an independent Biafra.

A recent report against him read: “While pretending he was fighting for our people, he led thousands of Igbo youths to their early graves so he could live in opulence and luxury. Today, his closest ally is the infamous Al-mustapha. He has finally destroyed himself.”

“He is a big shame and a ruthless traitor. It’s high time he was banned in Igboland. We will meet to decide sanctions on him. Nnamdi Kanu is our new leader. Uwazurike should cover his face in eternal shame. His unending greed drove him to irrelevance. He is now seeking relevance after he destroyed himself by countering Kanu’s May 30 stay-at-home order, and was ignominiously ignored. Our people do not want to hear his name again.”

“He has deceived people for many years, pretending to be genuine. We are completely tired of Uwazuruike’s game of ‘blood of the innocent’ which turned him into opulence, land owner and estate developer.

“Uwazuruike’s antics lasted this long, simply because, our people ignored him. He is now taking his treachery too far. He is pushing his luck. He destroyed himself in his greed and love of money.”

Also in its reaction, the Eastern Consultative Assembly (ECA) noted, “the outing with Al Mustapha in Kaduna on Monday, was a public confirmation, that Uwazuruike never believed in our people’s freedom.

In a statement issued by the Publicity Secretary of ECA, Reverend Fr. John Odey noted, “He has been trading with the blood of Igbo Youth for two decades, for him, it’s all about money, money and more money. Nobody is fooled, our people know that the oppressor, whose agent, he has always been, funded his trip to Kaduna, because he can do anything for money.

“He destroyed himself, when he countered and viciously opposed the May 30th, Nnamdi Kanu ordered stay-at-home. Our people unanimously consigned him to the dust bin of history, by complying 100% with the IPOB stay at home order, thereby covering Uwazuruike with shame.

“Uwazuruike’s current effort to sabotage the freedom of our people will bring doom on his head. He has gotten away with so many things in the past, that he has begun to take our people for granted.

“We are hereby warning him to desist forthwith from selling our people to the oppressor for a dish of porridge. He has acquired hundreds of properties all over the world with the blood of our youth. He should know, that our people are watching his treacherous moves, his cup is about to fill.

“We commend our leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu for his tenacity, uprightness, sacrifice, love of truth, respect for elders and total commitment to the freedom of our people from slavery.

“We implore Kanu, and the noble IPOB, to dutifully ignore Uwazuruike, who is only craving for relevance, after his greed, drove him to the pit of infamy.”





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