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Ikpeazu’s Maladministration And His Clueless Aides

The Governor Okezie Ikpeazu-led government in the state lives in falsehood and has nothing to show on ground as achievements since his assumption of office. Most of Governor Okezie Ikpeazu’s achievements are only seen in the television, describing the state government’s much-talked-about projects as cosmetic.

The only project he takes seriously is Propaganda. He coaxes and intimidates the state’s media into praising his very little establishments making a mammoth deal out of them. And those who don’t play according to these rules are severely dealt with, take for example the case of a reputable media guru and publisher Mr. Ogbonna who is an indigene of Abia state.

Mr. Ogbonna enraged by the deterioration of development and infrastructure took to his social media accounts and his daily column Newspaper to write about the ills of the Governor Okezie Ikpeazu-led government. Unluckily for him, the uproar caused by the write-up caught the attention of the Governor himself who decided to use him as a scapegoat to other “Brave” news outlets.

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Over 20 police officers in the company of Chief of Staff to the Abia Governor, Tony Agbazuere, and former Commissioner of Police, Ene Okon, stormed Mr. Ogbonna’s chambers to arrest him. He was arraigned alongside another person for cybercrime and publishing false and threatening messages through the internet against the governor, Okezie Ikpeazu. He was arraigned at a magistrate court in Umuahia.

The offences, according to the charge sheet, are punishable under Section 27(1) (a) and 18(1) of cybercrimes (Prohibition Prevention ETC) Act, 2015.

However, because the magistrate court lacked jurisdiction to hear the case, he was then remanded at a correctional facility in the state capital until he was arraigned before the Federal High Court in Umuahia and was granted bail. Mr. Ogbonna was, however, rearrested by SSS operatives on his way out of the correctional facility in Umuahia on the same day. This was after he had perfected the bail conditions.

The SSS moved Mr. Ogbonna to its office in the state and subsequently its headquarters in Abuja, where he has been in custody, without any charges against him. None of Mr. Ogbonna’s friends, relatives or legal representatives had been allowed to visit him since he was transferred to Abuja. All legal efforts to ensure the release of Mr. Ogbonna from the SSS custody have been unsuccessful.

In another case, with a much luckier reporter who was warned beforehand, Governor Ikpeazu’s aide was caught in leaked audio threatening a reporter not to write about the ills happening in Abia state or else he would be ‘disappeared’ to Abuja.

The Governor’s aide who was heard telling the reporter that he was about to lock the reporter up in Abuja where the reporter’s family will not be able to bail him – stated that whether the Abia State Government pays workers salaries or not, that the reporter should stay mute or face the consequences.

Whether workers go on strike, or whether pensions are paid or not, or whether roads are constructed, I command you to not publish or write about it

Don’t you ever again write anything about Abia Government or Abia government official.” He continued, “You know why? Because if you do, then what happened to Mopol would happen to you“.

It has also been revealed how he used the campaign of Made in Aba products to fund a string of secret companies in China which he used to launder funds through his fraudulent aides comprising of his Special Adviser and his Senior Special Assistant. This is why he has no control over some of his Ngwa aides especially those from Obingwa.

It has also been reported that his Obingwa aides have made a huge fortune from the fraudulent deals and have acquired choice properties all over Aba and Umuahia which have all been supervised by Governor Ikpeazu himself.

Even his junketing all over Europe and the United States of America in search of foreign investors was all “a mere jamboree to fritter away Abia’s meagre resources” since no foreign dollar has been invested in Abia all through his tenure.

He has also been accused of running a Government of nepotism to the detriment of the entire people of the state. Even the so-called projects which he promised to handle in his second tenure have all turned out to be a farce.

Governor Okezie Ikpeazu is taking Abia state on a complete downward spiral, he has no control over his Government and what goes on when he’s not looking. He is being unnecessarily praised and deceived by the media.



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