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The Governor Who Travels With His Mace

The true position of the symbol of authority of the State legislature, the Mace, has continued to raise concern, following suspected news that the State Assembly mace may have been taken to far away Edo State by the Imo state Governor, Senator Hope Uzodinma who is part of the campaign team for the All Progressive Congress candidate Pastor Ize Iyamu.

Governor Hope Uzodinma has been squarely accused of taking the Imo state House of Assembly Mace to Edo state to help in the grand plot by the Adams Oshiomole led faction of the house of assembly to impeach the speaker and swear in 14 new house members who all belong to the APC.

On getting notice of the planned coup, the Edo state governor was said to have locked the house of assembly and commenced renovation of the complex.

Due to this action, the aggrieved members secured another location for their assignment, this was said to be a private residence of one of the assembly members.

At their sitting, it was noticed they had another mace which was not the original mace from the Edo state house of assembly. Coincidentally, this missing mace bore a very similar resemblance with the one the Imo state House of Assembly.

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The Eastern Updates had also published on the whereabouts of the Mace, which was later discovered that Imo state Speaker Chiji may have taken full custody of it. This development, as gathered has raised serious questions seeking an answer.

However, in a bid to clear their names, some members of the Imo State House of Assembly have come up to debunk the rumor.

Speaking through the House of Assembly Committee Chairman on Information and Judiciary, Hon. Dominic Ezerioha, the House denied of the Mace ever leaving the boundaries of the State to another State including Edo.

He said the Mace is completely intact and kept in a sacred place for legislative activities it was meant for.

Ezerioha said, “The story that the mace of Imo State House of Assembly is taken to Edo State is a false story, is a rumour, is a fabrication of evil discussants and from the evil persons who want to destroy the Imo State Government.

“For the sake of the good people of Imo and that of Nigerians at large, the Imo State House of Assembly mace which is the symbol of authority for the legislature is completely intact”.

Queries and sanctions put forward for the Imo state speaker to put the Mace on full media display to prove his claims of the mace being intact in Imo state have all gone unanswered.

If truly Governor Hope Uzodinma has added the Imo state Assembly’s mace to his list of travel itineraries, then the spiral of democracy and corruption in Imo state is only just beginning.


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