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Teen Beggar Gets Wheelchair From NANA SmileProject In Anambra

A 10-year-old physically challenged girl in Awka, Anambra State, Habiba Umar, has received a wheelchair worth ₦85,000 from NANA SmileProject Africa Foundation.

Habiba, from Benue State, crawled daily to the pedestrian bridge at Nnamdi Azikiwe University temporary site to beg, with her mother and four siblings. .

Founder of NANA SmileProject Africa Chinasa Chukwuneke said she had a passion for helping indigent persons, women, and children in Africa.

Chukwuneke said she bought the wheelchair and decided to give it to any indigent person, irrespective of tribe or gender.

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She said Habiba was the only indigent person on  on the bridge when she got there.

Habiba and her brothers thanked her for the gesture.

She regretted her inability to go to school following her parents financial incapacitation.

“My father is at home in Zakibiam where he carries yam for people. Whatever I get here is what I use to eat. I can’t attend school because of lack of money. My mother can’t send me school.”



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