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‘Enemy Of My Enemy’: Ihedioha And Sam Daddy To End Feud

Indications are that the rusty relationship existing between the immediate past Governor of Imo State, Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha, and his former political ally, Senator Samuel Anyanwu (Sam Daddy), is finally coming to an end.
The feud between the two gubernatorial aspirants was said to have drawn the attention Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) hierarchy.
His Excellencies Nyesom Wike (Rivers State), Alhaja Tambuwal (Sokoto), and Governor Obaseki of Edo State have waded into the matter to help end the political squabble between these two Imo PDP Heavy Weights and help in the reconciliation of these “Two Bothers” since the problem existing between two of them is said to be costing Imo PDP a lot, which oppositions political parties may capitalize on to undo Imo PDP in 2023 general elections.

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Tambuwal who is Ihedioha’s long time political Ally right from the Federal House of Representatives has vowed to settle the lingering issue.

On the other hand, Governor Obaseki, whose election is coming up in a few weeks from now was quoted to have said that there is no how, both Anyanwu and Ihedioha will participate in his Governorship campaign and go home back to Imo State without making up their face-off.

The first meeting between the gladiators is scheduled for Benin, Edo State, where Ihedioha and Anyanwu are all on National assignments.

Governor Nyesom Wike who is a buddy to Sam Anyanwu and also a friend to Ihedioha is said to be worried about how two political Elephants would lock horns to the detriment of Imo PDP’s progress.

However, sources from PDP National office said that the Imo APC is doing everything humanly possible to stop the Ihedioha/Sam Daddy romance, as the party believes it will be of its benefit if the political Bulldozers continue to quarrel.

It is not yet clear if the political splinter Group in PDP belonging to Sam Daddy who recently joined the Governor Hope Uzodinma Executive will abandon the “sugar rush” and stage back a return to PDP, under the directive of their Principal, Senator Samuel Anyanwu.

While some section of Imo PDP sees the reconciliation parley as a welcome development, others are saying that it was better Anyanwu remains where he is presently.


It could be recalled that Imo PDP had repeatedly stated that Senator Anyanwu has ceased to be a member of the party because he was suspended from Ward, Zonal and State levels.

However, despite this development, Anyanwu is usually sent on National Assignments by the National Branch of the party, which has brought confusion in Imo PDP.

Imo indigenes who still believe in PDP will soon get the results of the reconciliation moves between Ihedioha and Anyanwu.

That is, if political power, ego, and connections will be abandoned to settle this lingering matter in Imo PDP.


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